ZR-P Zirconia Primer Instructions: General Instructions

Instructions for Use

ZR-P Primer is a single component priming agent used to enhance adhesion when applied to zirconia, alumina and metal/alloy surfaces. ZR-P will significantly increase bond strength between a resin-based material and the bonding surface of the restoration. ZR-P is offered in both a syringe and bottle.

Indications for use:
ZR-P is intended for use as a surface treatment for the following restorations

  • Zirconia
  • Alumina
  • Metal/alloy
  • Composite
  • Endodontic Post
  • Intraoral Repairs

Instructions for use:

  1. Clean tooth surface by applying a product such as Clean & Boost®. Rinse and dry.

If using Superb Universal Adhesive

    1. Apply 1 coat of Superb with bristle type applicator tip and allow to dwell for 20 seconds. Do not dry.
    2. Using the remaining material in the well, apply 2 additional coats of Superb. Dry thoroughly.
    3. Light activate for 10 seconds

If using Surpass® Universal Adhesive

    1. Apply Surpass® 1 to the entire area to be restored and agitate for 10 seconds. LEAVE WET
    2. Apply 3 brushfuls of Surpass® 2 to the entire prep and air dry
    3. Apply a thin layer of Surpass® 3 to the entire prep, air thin if desired
    4. Light activate for 10 seconds