Surpass® Instructions: General Instructions

General Instructions

Although it is not critical to the success of Surpass®, it is recommended that the preparation be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol on a cotton pellet and rinsed with water prior to beginning the bonding protocol. Pumicing or gentle particle abrasion of enamel is also recommended.

  1. Rinse the preparation thoroughly and remove all visible water by drying the surface for approximately 5 seconds with dried compressed air.
  2. Dispense a drop of Surpass®1 into one cavity of the enclosed mixing well. Using the proper color-coded brush, apply Surpass®1 to the entire cavity preparation and the surrounding tooth structure, agitating briskly for at least 10 seconds. DO NOT DRY Surpass®1
  3. Dispense a drop of Surpass®2 into another cavity of the mixing well. Using the proper color-coded brush apply three brushfuls of Surpass®2 to the entire cavity preparation, dabbing each brushful to help distribute as much of the primer as possible.
  4. Dry the primed surface with dried compressed air for at least 10 seconds with the air syringe tip as close as possible to the surface. DRY Surpass®2 THOROUGHLY
  5. Dispense a drop of Surpass®3 into another cavity of the mixing well. Using the proper color-coded brush apply a thin layer of Surpass®3 to the entire cavity surface.
  6. Light-activate for 10 seconds. Surpass® can be activated with any dental activation light.
  7. Continue restorative procedure with material of choice. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for all restorative materials.

NOTE: For indirect restorations, air-thin Surpass®3 sufficiently to allow seating of the restoration and light-activate.

NOTE: Deciduous teeth are treated in the same manner as permanent teeth.

NOTE: Surpass®1 should be agitated for 20 seconds on uncut enamel.

NOTE: Surpass® is always light-cured before placing veneers and bonded crowns.