Recall 4 Years Old- Central Incisor Fracture Repair- By Karin Khalife, BSc DMD


This case is 4 years old. It was bonded in 2014, using Surpass Universal Adhesive and Titan flowable Composite. I used flow because when I repositioned the fragment, it fit well but the buccal margin was not flush. Some parts were missing. So I used Titan Flowable Composite to fill the gaps, cured it and polished it.

What I did is apply Surpass Universal Adhesive on the fragment and on the tooth, placed Titan flowable on the tooth, seated the fragment, and then co-cured everything together for 1 minute. 3 times 20 seconds with two lamps, one buccal and one lingual.

Dr. Karim Khalife, BSc DMD
x ray of the fracture in feb 2014
Dr. Karim Khalife, BSc DMD
Dr. Karim Khalife, BSc DMD
x ray March 2018


This repair worked very well. After 4 years it looks good enough. Live, you cannot see the line.

Case by: 

Dr. Karim Khalife, BSc DMD