Build-Ups That Last- By Thomas W. Mitchell, DDS, FAGD


We've been showing huge composite buildups done in lieu of crowns. Here is two composite buildups in function that have held up.

Thomas W. Mitchell, DDS, FAGD
73 yo lady who's husband is a really good lab tech. This was done in 2011 with Surpass, Injectafil and a top layer of Heliomolar (a microfill with a wear rate similar to the nanofills). This opposes a PFM with a metal occlusal.
Thomas W. Mitchell, DDS, FAGD
91 yo lady. We did this in 2008 with Simplicity, Injectafill and Heliomolar.


Both these ladies could have afforded crowns, but both choose composite buildups. This shows that you can confidently recommend composite buildups as an alternative to crowns when there's a significant amount of solid tooth structure remaining. I do not believe that these can hold up as long as a crown will (a really well done one and we all know how that story ends). Still there are a multitude of scenarios that we encounter where, for whatever reason, the crown option is not available.

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Thomas W. Mitchell, DDS, FAGD