Superb Instructions: Total Etch

Mode: Total Etch

  • Rinse the preparation thoroughly and remove all visible water by drying the surface for approximately 5 seconds with dried compressed air. Do not desiccate the tooth surface.
  • Apply Clean & Boost (Gel or Liquid) to the tooth surface to be bonded (both dentin and enamel). Allow material to dwell for 15 seconds, rinse thoroughly and leave moist.
  • Dispense a drop of Superb Universal Bond into the cavity of the enclosed mixing well. Using an applicator bristle-type brush, apply 1 coat of Superb Universal Bond to the entire cavity preparation and the surrounding tooth structure, allow to dwell for 20 seconds. DO NOT DRY
  • Using the remaining material in the well and same applicator, apply 2 additional coats of Superb Universal Bond.
  • Dry the surface thoroughly. Do not blast the surface with air or use suction as this could remove material from the surface and lead to debonds or post operative sensitivity.
  • Light-activate for ten seconds. Superb Universal Bond can be activated with any dental activation light.
  • Continue restorative procedure with material of choice. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for all restorative materials.

NOTE: Deciduous teeth are treated in the same manner as permanent teeth.

NOTE: Uncut enamel should be roughened or etched prior to bonding.

NOTE: Superb Universal Adhesive is always light-activated before placing veneers and bonded crowns.