Simplicity Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, listen to our customers

I finally have a single no-sensitivity self-etching bonding agent that gives me very thin film-thickness and that will bond enamel and dentin to any cure-type of composite: all without sacrificing bond-strength!
-Dr. Marshall White.
Thank you for letting me try 'Simplicity.' It is truly 'simple' and easy to use. We had no post-op sensitivity and I like that one bonding agent works with any resin. A GREAT product.
-Dr. Steve Skurow.
It is simple it is easy it works! No rinse, no bad taste, no sensitivity.
-Dr. Robert Zampieri
I have used many adhesive bonding agents. None is as easy to use, prevents sensitivity, and bonds as well to all materials.
-Dr. Gerald Greitzer.
I just started using the new bonding material- Simplicity- that John Kanca developed, and I must say, it is everything he said it would be. Very simple and straightforward, very quick, very thin layer- no sensitivity at all. I think I am going to really like it. Especially good for multiple units, I think. Good Job, John.
-Dr. Rick Coker, Tyler, Texas.
In our office, bonding to combinations of enamel, dentin, porcelain, metal, and acrylic with light-cured and self-cured composite resins has necessitated that we inventory multiple bonding agents. It can be difficult for the doctor and the assistants alike to remember which bonding agents stick to what, when you can use each one, when and how long to leave on the components, whether to rinse or not, and other considerations. The penalty for straying from proper protocol with some of these complex bonding agents is extreme sensitivity, restoration failure, or creeping microleakage. Simplicity is a welcome relief from these constraints. It is easy and fast to apply, requires no mixing of components, and sticks to everything!! I plan on recommending Simplicity to doctors through my newsletter and seminars as the ONE bonding agent they need to inventory!
-Dr. Gary A. Schoenrock, DDS Director, Midwest Dental Evaluation Group Editor, INTERFACE newsletter, inventor of the laminar flow impression technique.
This system is truly what its name implies--Simplicity. I have enjoyed the no-nonsense application, speed of the process, and not least the end result. I am routinely coating all of my preps with this after cord packing ( be sure to make the temp outside the mouth) and the lack of sensitivity is truly remarkable. The interface of the composite on posteriors is exquisite. The desensitization of entire quadrants of perio exposed roots has never been so easy. John, you've done it again. Incredible
-Dr. Patrick Roetzer, of Benicia, CA, inventor of the Raptor Bur system and the NTL system.
I've been using Simplicity for a week and a half for direct composite restorations and have found the most noticeable difference from my previous adhesive to be the marginal integrity. There is a seamless transition from restoration to tooth, which is quite impressive. Also the steps required are very logical and I don't miss sloshing phosphoric acid on preps at all. Congratulations!!
-Ronald J. Boyd, DDS, Newark, New Jersey.
Having used Simplicity for several months, I have found it to be an exceptional material. There is no easier, goof-proof, high strength bonding agent on the market that I know of. Its self-etching, ZERO post-op sensitivity formulation produces some of the strongest bonds to dentin I've tested. In addition, Simplicity's ultra-thin light-cured adhesive layer will not interfere with the seating of indirect restorations. In short, it's a winner!
-Dr. Richard Erickson, Marietta, GA, Editor, Dental Update Newsletter.