Simplicity Instructions: Sealing and Imaging for a CEREC® Restoration

Protocol for Sealing and Imaging for a CEREC® Restoration

The following technique seals the tooth prior to introducing imaging powder which can be difficult to completely remove from the dentin tubules. By following this technique, sensitivity and bonding issues will be eliminated.

  1. Prepare the tooth for the CEREC® restoration
  2. Apply Simplicity as per manufacturer’s instructions
  3. Wipe off the oxygen-inhibited layer with a cotton pellet soaked in either isopropyl or ethyl alcohol, rinse and dry
  4. Apply the scanning powder and scan the restoration
  5. Rinse the powder off with an air-water spray. If any powder remains it may be removed with a cotton pellet soaked with Simplicity 1, rinsed and dried.
  6. Isolation may be removed at this time if desired or may be left in place depending on clinician choice.
  7. Once the restoration is fabricated and cleaned, the inner bonded surface may be sandblasted lightly with 27 micron aluminum oxide, rinsed and dried. Then Interface and Simplicity 2 are applied, dried thoroughly
  8. If isolation has been maintained, Simplicity 2 only need be applied to the sealed prep and dried thoroughly.
  9. If isolation has not been maintained, the sealed prep should be cleaned with a cotton pellet soaked in alcohol, rinsed and dried. Then Simplicity 2 may be applied as above.

Anchor® luting cement is then inserted either into the prep or onto the fitting surface of the restoration and the restoration is seated. As the Anchor® resin gels, the excess may be removed. Once the excess cement is removed, each restoration surface is light-activated for 10 seconds and the process is complete.

For a more detail protocol for the delivery of a CAD/CAM restoration please see here.