Simplicity Instructions: Metal Bonding

Protocol for Metal Bonding

  1. Roughen the metal surface to be bonded.  Ideal the surface should be micro-etched with 27 micron aluminum oxide powder.  If micro-etching is not available the surface should be roughened with a burr.
  2. Rinse and dry the surface.
  3. Dispense a drop of Simplicity 2 into a cavity of the mixing well. Using a blue Ultratip® applicator, apply two brushfuls of Simplicity 2 to the metal surface.
  4. Dry the primed surface with dried compressed air for at least 10 seconds with the air syringe tip as close as possible to the surface. DRY Simplicity 2 THOROUGHLY
  5. Light-activate for 10 seconds. Simplicity can be activated with any dental activation light.
  6. Continue restorative procedure with material of choice. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for all restorative materials.