Self-Etch Adhesive System

Simplicity Self-Etch Adhesive system combines the three most important features of flawless bonding. Simplicity provides consistency, versatility, and speed in the same package.

Results: No sensitivity, excellent bond strengths, and superior long-term performance

Number of procedures:2 (1 extra coat of Simplicity 2 for indirect procedures)

Indications for use:All bonding protocols

Simplicity produces etching results identical to a 37% phosphoric acid gel etch (See SEM images below). This level of etch eliminates concerns about enamel bonding and ensures long-term margin integrity.

Etch with 37% phosphoric acid
Enamel etched with 37% Phosphoric acid
Etch with Simplicity 1
Enamel etched with Simplicity 1

The ease of use of this product coupled with the versatility and consistently superior results make Simplicity an excellent bonding system for your practice.