Shark Tray® Clinical Use

Technique Overview by Dr. John Kanca III, DMD

Until recently I have been going day to day using the same conventional impression material trays. I can honestly say I didn't see a need to change until I tried the Shark Tray. I've broken down and detailed the steps I took with the Shark Tray below. I'm telling you this tray made the entire process incredibly smooth, efficient and easy.

A patient visited the office with posterior pain. Upon evaluation, it was discovered the suspect tooth had been cracked and was in need of a crown.

I was reaching for my standard impression tray and then remembered I had the Shark Tray. The Shark Tray offers three unique features: 1) Foam wall to help force material vertically, 2) A slightly larger tray to hold enough material to flow and capture crisp, clean margins, 3) A larger handle which is much easier to work with.

I used it to take a closed bite impression (see image below). I can’t tell you how easy this made the impression process. I’ve included photos of the steps I took to get to the final impression. Remember this is all done with a single tray.

I then prepped the crown. I applied Viscostat Clear to the tooth and surrounding tissue, inserted Ultra-Temp into the impression and had the patient bite and close. After two minutes I removed the impression (see image below).

I made a temporary which fit extremely well. I then cleaned the impression tray with alcohol. (see image below) It's really important to clean out the 02 inhibited junk from the temp material and the VC.

When I was ready to take the final impression I inserted some wash material into the tray (see image below)

Here's the final impression

All with one tray!!! I can't encourage you enough to order yourself a box of these today and give them a try!