Making Impressions Easier and More Reliable

At Apex we strive to deliver the right products and solutions at the right time. The Shark Tray® is an item that makes the process of taking an impression easier and more reliable. With new patented features the Shark Tray has revolutionized the impression material tray. While keeping an eye on costs, the Shark Tray® has been designed to eliminate a number of challenges presented by conventional impression trays.

  • Lateral walls to push impression materials vertically to ensure you’ve captured a crisp, clinical margin
  • Foam walls for added patient comfort and ease of use for patients with limited opening ability
  • An increased tray to provide labs with a true quadrant impression, thus eliminating the need for quad trays or a bit tray.
  • A larger more ergonomic handle to facilitate the ability to hand the impression between the doctor and assistant.