RE-GEN Universal Adhesive Instructions: General Instructions

RE-GEN Universal Adhesive Instructions for Use

RE-GEN™ Universal Adhesive System is a single bottle, light-cure only, universal bonding system that delivers calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions directly to compromised tooth structures to promote regeneration. RE-GEN™ Universal can be used in all restorations, both direct and indirect, and offers the flexibility for self-etch, selective etch or total etch procedures.

Indications for use:

All classes of direct and indirect restorations.

Instructions for use:

General Instructions

  1. Rinse the preparation thoroughly and remove all visible water by drying the surface for approximately 5 seconds with dried compressed air. Do not desiccate the tooth surface.
  2. Apply RE-GEN™ Cleanser to the tooth surface to be bonded (both dentin and enamel) and agitate for 10 seconds, rinse thoroughly and leave moist. RE-GEN™ Cleanser is critical to the procedure to remove any contaminants that could impede the ions from penetrating the tooth structure.
  3. Dispense a drop of RE-GEN™ Universal Bond into the cavity of the enclosed mixing well. Using an applicator bristle-type brush, apply 1 coat of RE-GEN™ Universal Bond to the entire cavity preparation and the surrounding tooth structure, allow to dwell for 20 seconds. DO NOT DRY.
  4. Using the remaining material in the well and same applicator, apply 2 additional coats of RE-GEN™ Universal Bond.
  5. Dry the surface thoroughly. Do not blast the surface with air or use suction as this could remove material from the surface and lead to debonds or post-operative sensitivity.
  6. Light-activate for ten seconds. RE-GEN™ Universal Bond can be activated with any dental activation light.
  7. Continue restorative procedure with material of choice. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for all restorative materials.

NOTE: Deciduous teeth are treated in the same manner as permanent teeth.
NOTE: Uncut enamel should be roughened or etched prior to bonding.
NOTE: RE-GEN™ Universal Adhesive is always light-activated before placing veneers and bonded crowns.