RE-GEN Universal Adhesive

RE-GEN™ Universal Adhesive combines the conditioner, primer and bonding resin into a simple, one-bottle system. RE-GEN™ combines clinically proven adhesives with the power of Bioglass, a material verified to stimulate bone cells towards a path of regeneration and self-repair. Bioactive material that forms apatite on the surface would have several benefits, including the closure of any gaps forming at the resin-dentin interface, and potentially improved long-term bond strengths, eliminating bond degradation.

  • The release of calcium, phosphate and fluoride to promote hydroxyapatite formation
  • Bond Strength: 46MPa
  • Can be used for both direct and indirect restorations
  • No-rinse system eliminates any post-operative patient sensitivity
  • No technique sensitivity promotes ease-of-use and consistent results
  • To be used with RE-GEN™ Cleanser (included)
  • Contains no Bisphenol A and no BPA derivatives
    • RE-GEN™ Cleanser removes contaminants from the tooth surface, disinfects, and properly prepare enamel for exceptional long term bonding results.