RE-GEN Flowable Composite Instructions: RE-GEN Flowable Composite Instructions for Use

RE-GEN Flowable Composite Instructions for Use

RE-GEN™ Flowable Composite is a bioactive, light-activated composite with flow characteristics that make it ideal for use as a liner in Class I and II restorations, pit and fissure sealants, porcelain repair, repair of marginal defects, small core build-ups, buccal repair, porcelain veneer cementation and bonding splints. Other uses for RE-GEN™ Flowable Composite include Class V restorations as well as Class III and small Class IV’s. RE-GEN™ Flowable Composite provides the added benefit of releasing calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions to promote the regeneration of compromised tooth structure.

Indications for use:

Composite Fillings, Cavity Liner, Pit and Fissure Sealant, Porcelain Repair, Margin Repair, Small Core Build-Ups, Buccal Repair, Porcelain Veneer Cementation, Bonding Splints, Class III, Class V and Small Class IV’s

Instructions for use:

Composite Filling

  1. Isolate and prepare the tooth surface to be restored.
  2. Apply an adhesive, such as the RE-GEN™ Universal Adhesive System or RE-GEN™ Self-Etch Adhesive System, according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Using the appropriate shade of RE-GEN™ Flowable Composite, place a 1mm to 2mm increment of RE-GEN™ Flowable Composite into the cavity preparation. Light-activate for 20 seconds.
  4. Continue to build the restoration incrementally until the cavity preparation is filled to the desired level. Light-cure each increment for 20 seconds.
  5. Shape and finish to desired level.

NOTE: To prevent excess material from extruding out of the syringe, pull the plunger back immediately after the desired amount is dispensed.
NOTE: RE-GEN™ Flowable Composite can be light activated with LED, halogen or other conventional curing lights.
NOTE: RE-GEN™ Flowable Composite should be used with 18- or 20-gauge tips
NOTE: RE-GEN™ Flowable Composite White Opaque should be light activated for 40 seconds