RE-GEN Bulk Fill Composite & Resin Cement

RE-GEN™ Bulk Fill Composite & Resin Cement is a dual-cure composite with handling characteristics that make it ideal for Class I, II, III, IV and V restorations. The use of Bioglass within this material promotes hydroxyapatite formation and provides antimicrobial function to prevent recurrent carries and secondary decay. These features improve the longevity and overall performance of the restoration.

  • Releases calcium, phosphate and fluoride to stimulate hydroxyapatite formation and the natural remineralization process
  • Durable, shock absorbent, and more fracture / wear-resistant than standard composites
  • Shrinkage stress and void-free restorations
  • Highly wear-resistant, stain-resistant and color-stable
  • 70% filled by weight
  • Contains no Bisphenol A and no BPA derivatives