RE-GEN Bioactive Adhesives

RE-GEN™ Bioactive Adhesives

Don’t let your bond be a barrier to bioactivity

Bioactive materials, as they exist today, are inherently flawed. To properly place a composite restoration, an adhesive is placed on the tooth surface prior the delivery of the composite material. This adhesive layer does two things: bonds the composite to the tooth and SEALS the tooth from external elements. As the adhesive seals the tooth to prevent penetration of contaminants and bacteria, it also seals out any ion release from adjacent restorative materials. Since the adhesive acts as a barrier, preventing bioactive ions from the composite from reaching the tooth, those ions cannot lead to the regeneration of tooth structure.

RE-GEN™ solves this issue by incorporating the bioactive materials directly into the adhesive layer. Unlike traditional adhesives, RE-GEN™ is not a barrier to bioactivity, but rather a powerful agent that deposits biologically charged ions directly onto the tooth – exactly where they are needed in order to promote regeneration of tooth structure.