Interface Instructions: Repair of PFM Crowns

Repair of Porcelain-to-metal Crowns

  1. Roughen the surface to be repaired with a diamond.
  2. Using a Microtip® applicator, apply an even coating of the prepared Interface solution to the ceramic surface and allow to dwell for 10 seconds.
  3. Dry the Interface solution thoroughly (approximately 5 seconds).

    The surface is now etched and silanated

  4. If using Simplicity:
    1. Apply 1 coat of Simplicity 2 to the dried Interface surface
    2. Dry thoroughly
    3. Light activate for 10 seconds

    If using Surpass®:

    1. Apply 2 coats of Surpass®2 and dry thoroughly
    2. Apply 1 coat of Surpass®3
    3. Air thin (if desired)
    4. Light activate for 10 seconds If using a different adhesive or self etching cement follow manufacturer’s instructions
  5. Composite resin is then added and finished according to manufacturer’s instructions.