Interface Instructions: General Instructions

Interface Instructions for Use

Interface is a revolutionary ceramic primer, which allows the clinician to bond any type of ceramic to a tooth, including the newer high-strength materials. With Interface, any ceramic restoration can be delivered or repaired (in vivo) without the use of dangerous hydrofluoric acid. Since it is activated when it is used, the shelf life of the primer is extremely stable (3 years from the date of manufacture). Perhaps best of all, Interface can be used to prepare ceramic, dentin and enamel ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

General Instructions

Preparation of Interface

Interface is furnished in two bottles, labeled A and B, along with a mixing well and Microtip® applicators.

  1. A drop of Interface A and a drop of Interface B are dispensed into the same cavity of the mixing well. At first the two liquids will not mix- one will form a “bubble” on the top of the other.
  2. After 20-30 seconds, the bubble will break down, and at that time the mixture is stirred for 5 seconds with the Microtip® applicator.

NOTE:      The mixed Interface solution must be used within 3 minutes. Once it has become cloudy or opaque it is no longer useful.

Delivery of Interface

It is highly recommended that the ceramic surfaces to be bonded are first lightly sandblasted.

  1. Using a Microtip® applicator, apply an even coating of the prepared Interface solution to the ceramic surface and allow to dwell for 10 seconds.
  2. Dry the Interface solution thoroughly (approximately 5 seconds)

The surface has now been etched and silanated.

We recommend using a resin based bonding agent such as Simplicity or Surpass® to complete the ceramic preparation prior to cementation.  See detailed instructions below.