Injectafil® Instructions: Cementation


  1. Isolate and prepare the tooth surface to be restored.
  2. Apply an adhesive, such as Simplicity Self-Etch Adhesive system or Surpass® Self-Etch Adhesive system, according to the manufacturer's instructions. (If Simplicity or Surpass® is not chosen, be sure the adhesive of choice is recommended for use with self and dual cure products.)
  3. Select the appropriate shade of Injectafil®
  4. Bleed the Injectafil® syringe by expressing a small amount of material onto a pad. This assures the material is being expressed from both side of the syringe equally.
  5. Attach the mixing tip to the syringe and express a small amount of material onto a pad. This assures the material is flowing from the tip in a uniform manner. (*)
  6. Dispense Injectafil® either into the restoration or into the preparation depending on ease of placement.
  7. Deliver the restoration to the tooth and remove excess material.
  8. After clean up, light activate all margins for 20 seconds
  9. After each use, leave the used mixing tip in place to seal the syringe.

(*) Material can also be extruded directly onto a pad for hand mixing and placement

NOTE:  Injectafil® has been designed to have a working time of 90 seconds and fully cure in 3 minutes when used only in self-cure mode. (The setting time will be slightly less than 3 minutes in the oral environment).

NOTE:  For the easiest clean up, wait for the 90 second working time to expire and the material to gel. Using an explorer remove excess material from margins and floss between the contacts. Then light activate the facial and lingual (and occlusal if appropriate) surfaces for 10 seconds each.