Exquisite Restoration

Exquisite Restoration™ is a visible light-activated, nanofill composite for anterior and posterior restorations. Beside its low shrink and low abrasion, Exquisite Restoration™ has exceptional handling and provides excellent mechanical properties. Exquisite Restoration™ is highly radiopaque and is very wear resistant. Available in Syringes or Unit Doses.


  • Low Stress Restorations
  • Long-term Durability and High Hardness
  • Non Sticky, Easy to Handle
  • Highly Sculptable
  • Beautiful, Esthetic Restorations


  • Low Shrink
  • Improved Wear Resistance
  • Highly Sculptable Consistency
  • Excellent Gloss and Polishability
  • High Filler Loading

Phasor™, Vista’s new composite heating system, works perfectly with Exquisite Restoration™. Using near-infrared heating technology, Phasor™ heats composite to 150 degrees in 45 seconds. Heating composite provides enhanced properties such as improved adaptation, reduced voids/microleakage, and increased polymerization.