BondSaver and BondSaver D – Desensitizing / Rewetting / Bond Degradation Preventer

The BondSaver product line has been developed to provide 5 significant benefits:

  • Desensitizes Instantly
  • Prevents MMP Generation and Bond Degradation
  • Disinfects with Potent Antimicrobial Agents
  • Stiffens and Fixes Collagen
  • Provides Fluoride at the Restorative-Tooth Interface

BondSaver and BondSaver D are materials that belong under every restoration placed, no matter what it is.

Easy to apply, no drying, no rinsing, no scrubbing….simply apply and move on in your protocol. 

Simply put, BondSaver and BondSaver D are the products that optimize the Restorative-Tooth interface. 

Principal Uses of BondSaver and BondSaver D

  • Desensitizing
  • Preventing bond degradation
  • Rewetting tooth surface prior to bonding
  • Creating an ideal restorative-tooth interface

BondSaver versus BondSaver D

BondSaver has been formulated to be used with self etch adhesives, glass ionomers, resin modified glass ionomers.

BondSaver D has been formulated to be used with total etch and selective etch adhesive systems along with the treatment of sensitivity resulting from exposed dentin.

BondSaver BondSaver D
Self Etch Adhesives Total Etch Adhesives
Glass Ionomers Selective Etch Adhesives
Resin Modified Glass Ionomers Desensitization of Exposed Dentin Crown Preparations