Anchor® Attributes

Ease of placement

To simplify use in all applications Anchor® is supplied in two unique formats:

  • 5ml automix syringe (approximately 10 grams)
  • 25ml cartridge (approximately 50 grams)

Both formats utilize automix tips for ease of dispensing and insertion into your preparation. The automix tips not only eliminate any uncertainty about the degree of mixing but also eliminate the need to hand mix prior to use. Anchor® is a flowable material yet is thixotropic which allows the material to flow yet not slump during placement. Perfect for core and luting cements applications.

Bonds to tooth structure

Anchor® acts like a cement in core and luting applications. When used in conjunction with Simplicity or Surpass® an extraordinary bond is created between the tooth, Anchor® and other restorative materials.

Can be prepared immediately

Anchor® has been designed as a dual cure material to allow working with and shaping to take place immediately. When not using light to set Anchor®, full cure is obtain in less than 4 minutes. Anchor® has been designed to limit the amount of time you spend waiting in your office while ensuring proper cure at all levels of your restoration. The ability to cure the exposed surfaced immediately eliminates any risk of contamination from oral fluids.

High strength and rigidity

To recreate a strong long lasting restoration a material with high strength and high rigidity is a must. The monomers used in Anchor® optimize the compressive strengths and rigidity to create the material you need for long-term success.

  • Flexural (transverse) strength exceeds 150MPa
  • Barcol hardness of 75
  • Linear shrinkage below 1%
  • Depth of cure is greater than 4mm (40 second light cure)

These robust physical properties are a strong indication that Anchor® will perform well in your applications.

Cutting resistance like tooth structure, carves like dentin

Don’t take our word for it, evaluators using Anchor® in vivo have reported this feature. Along with the cutting/carving characteristics the material exhibits exceptional radiopacity.

Radiopacity above 200% of Aluminum plate

Anchor® is strong, carves like dentin, and jumps off of a radiograph!

Tooth shade under veneers and ceramic crowns

Anchor® is perfect for use under veneers and crowns. Anchor® is offered in both stark white and tooth shades. If you prefer a stark white material in your core build-ups and tooth shade for veneers this is the perfect product.

Compatible with bonding agents

Anchor® is compatible with all methacrylate based bonding systems. To maximize bonding performance and long term results we recommend always using Anchor® with the Simplicity or Surpass® bonding systems.

Fluoride release

Anchor® contains a fluoride release agent that will aid in the reduction of secondary decay and recurrent carries. This is yet another characteristic to assure long-term performance and success.

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