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Self-Etch Adhesive System

Simplicity Self-Etch Adhesive system combines the three most important features of flawless bonding. Simplicity provides consistency, versatility, and speed in the same package.

Results: No sensitivity, excellent bond strengths, and superior long-term performance

Number of procedures:2 (1 extra coat of Simplicity 2 for indirect procedures)

Indications for use:All bonding protocols

Total application time:45 seconds

Simplicity produces etching results identical to a 37% phosphoric acid gel etch (See SEM images below). This level of etch eliminates concerns about enamel bonding and ensures long-term margin integrity.

Etch with 37% phosphoric acidEtch with Simplicity 1

Enamel etched with 37% Phosphoric acidEnamel etched with Simplicity 1

The ease of use of this product coupled with the versatility and consistently superior results make Simplicity an excellent bonding system for your practice.

Simplicity Instructions

Simplicity is a no rinse bonding system that combines the etchant and primer application into one simple step. It allows for more predictable clinical results, it is less technique sensitive, without sacrificing shear bond strength. Because there is no need to rinse the etchant before primer application, Simplicity also saves time during the procedure. It is intended for use with all categories of resin composite materials. Simplicity is compatible will all methacrylate-based materials.

The principal uses of Simplicity are:

  • Direct Restorations: to bond enamel / dentin prior to restoring with light-cure or self-cure composite materials
  • Indirect Restorations: bonding light-cured, self-cured or dual-cured composite cement or glass ionomers or resin-modified glass ionomer cements
  • Desensitization: to treat hypersensitive and/or exposed root surfaces
  • Bonding posts and cores
  • Bonding veneers
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